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Portcullis Shutters

Portcullis roller shutters are more aesthetically pleasing than galvanized steel shutters. With a choice of designs, these shutters are ideal for bars and serveries. The benefits of opting for a portcullis shutter are numerous. For example: they are lighter,allow airflow,can be used as a transparent section on a galvanized shutter, or as a complete shutter for a shop window without losing any visual,a must for important window display.Available in a choice of powder coated colours. Security shutters are designed to protect all types of premises from unwelcomed intruders,also protecting against vandalism.

  • Better for light
  • Less visually obstructive
  • Standard anodised finish
  • Can be used as a transparent section for other shutters
  • Available with a remote control handset
  • Choice of design

All roller shutters can be operated manually or electrically via remote control push buttons or key switches.

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